Panorama at the Peak

Are you looking for a place where you can eat with a picturesque view? Do you want to enjoy not just your meals but the surroundings as well? You came to the right place, because Panorama at the Peak got the best view and meals for you.

It is always nice to eat in such a beautiful, neat and pleasant place. Even inside our house, it is always great to eat in a clean environment. But of course, there are times when we want another place to eat in other than our home. We often travel to different venues. It’s still good to leave your home and explore other restaurants and diners with our family or friends. And we are proud to tell you that if you want the best view while dining or eating your meals, our restaurant got it all.

Panorama at the Peak gives great value in terms of sceneries and awesome views. It makes your dining more appetizing and appealing. We can say that Panorama at the Peak is more than a restaurant because it gives you a dining experience that you will surely remember. We also guarantee that you will come back often not just as a customer but as a dear friend as well. Our servers and other staff are more than willing to help you throughout your whole dining. You can enjoy much more than your usual meals while enjoying what Panorama at the Peak has to offer.

Our menu and recipes are always made with fresh and organic ingredients that are grown in our own place. We make sure to deliver the best, the healthiest and the freshest meals.

The Panorama at the Peak holds “Special Events” and you can see them on the tab for more details. The following events include:

– January 17, 18, 19: Martin Luther King Jr.’s Weekend
– January 25, 26, 27: Spa Feast Weekend
– February 14 – 17: Special Romantic Menu
– February 21 – 24: Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting
– February 29: Leap Year Celebration
– March 14, 15, 16: Panorama celebrates Irish pub fare
– March 23: Easter Sunday Buffet & Dinner

*All events sponsored by

Join and dine with us on these days to experience a special type of service.

We have specific times for taking dinner reservations, kindly check the details below:

4-8pm Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Closed Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday
Casual Fine Dining ~ Featuring Fresh Regional Food, Simply Prepared and Beautifully presented

Panorama Sunday Brunch Buffet
10:30am – 1:30pm.

If you haven’t experienced eating meals in our restaurant before, we suggest you hurry up and be one of our dear customers! We would love nothing more than to serve you all and let you have a good impression on us. Bring your friends or family and enjoy the most perfect view you can ever see combined with absolute meals. See you at Panorama at the Peaks anytime or visit us most definitely on our special events.

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