I never knew about this restaurant called Panorama at the Peak before. But when my friends and I passed by this great place, we were so amazed by the beautiful view. We didn’t think there was a restaurant at the place but when we came back to head home, we saw it and decided to stop by. As a tourist, I’m captivated by the great landscape and the awesome place. Not to mention that the restaurant’s services are satisfying as well. We were more than happy when we dined there and we will make sure to come back next time.

Harry S.

I have always been a customer of this restaurant ever since they created this website. Thanks to this site, I found out that this place was built. I am completely aware of the great surrounding even before because it wasn’t far from my home so I was really surprised that they decided to make a restaurant in this great view. Even though I enjoy everything about the Panorama at the Peak, I feel bad because most people don’t seem to be aware of it. I really wish more people would come because the service is just as great as the beautiful view.

Daniel K.

Thanks to my friend who recommended this place to me, I found the perfect venue for my wedding. We used this place and we received great amount of praises for doing so. We’re glad we made our visitors happy with the place but we are more than happy for ourselves because it made our wedding day more memorable. I don’t regret picking this place and I will probably request to make this a venue again next time or recommend it to other people who will surely love this place as well.

Eunice M.

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